We make and market products that delight and benefit people and pets, at reasonable prices.

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Majority Owned Holdings

Businesses we can understand with a relatively stable, recurring, diversified, and defensible revenue base.

Tenth Avenue Commerce is the umbrella for companies where we have controlling interests; today this consists of nine businesses in verticals including gifting, pet, beauty, apparel & accessories, and home & lifestyle.

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Minority Owned Holdings

TAH group partners with like-minded management teams to help build and grow their businesses over the long-term.

Investments are directly or indirectly held by TAH group.

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Public Holdings

TAH group identifies and buys public equities with good long-term underlying businesses that provide synergy with our private holdings.

Investments are directly or indirectly held by TAH group.

Lineup of Hello oral care products including toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss

Past Holdings

While it has never been our aim to divest our operating subsidiaries, we will always do what makes the most sense for our subsidiary companies and teams in the long-term.

Home & Lifestyle
Apparel & Accessories
Send Flowers logo, with the word send in all lower-case letters over the word 'flowers-dot-com' in all lower-case letters. Between 'send' and 'flowers' is a drawing of a flower
Hello Products
CCG - Communications Capital Group
Fairfax Financial Holdings
Liberty Braves
Liberty Broadband
Liberty Formula One
Union Pacific
TAH Properties

Public Holdings

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